Dirt bike, MX & Off-Road Gear, Tools and Parts

How Does This Work?

The Goal:

  1. Track dealer inventories to find-out who has the best price and who has the product(s) in stock for immediate delivery.
  2. Search Amazon and eBay for the same items, show them as buying options if the prices are better (and the product is in stock)
  3. Present you with the best options for purchasing the MX / Off-Road Gear you’re looking for.

A typical purchase goes like this:

  1. Let’s say you find some gloves you’d like to purchase.  On our product pages you’ll see who has it and what the price is.
  2. When you click a “SEE IT” button, you will be taken directly to that dealers store page, where you will select options (size, color, etc) if required. You can then complete the purchase directly with that dealer.

Amazon Products

  1. We import and track all Motoross & Off-Road products from Amazon, directly into our database.
  2. You can make all item choices (color, size, etc.) on our site.
  3. Once you’ve made the necessary choices (some products don’t have selection choices) you can add the item to the cart. You can continue shopping and add as many items as you like.
  4. When you Check-out, you will be directed to Amazon, where you have the option to add any or all the items to your Amazon cart.
  5. You then check-out as normal on Amazon.
  6. We have agreements in place with Amazon USAmazon UK and Amazon Canada. We show availability by country… when you select an item, (if you’re not in the US), check which country you want to order from if it’s not already selected. The correct currency and price for the country will display when you are redirected to Amazon and add the item(s) to your cart.

What’s in it for DirtRider?

We have affiliate agreements with all of the dealers we include in this program and will receive a small commission on the items you purchase. You pay exactly the same price rather you purchase through DirtRider or directly… there is no mark-up of any kind.

The Bottom Line.

You get a great price and DirtRider get’s to pay it’s bills.



  1. DirtRider does not process or ship orders. You don’t give us credit card info … all orders are processed & shipped by the dealer/seller you select. We’ll leave it to the experts.
  2. There are times that specific items cant be price compared. Using Gloves as an example; several dealers may not all have the exact item (model, size, color). In this case we search for options/alternatives. The item may be a newer version, a different model of glove (but the same brand), etc.
  3. Most items we display have several variations available. Rather than showing every color and size of an item (too confusing!), we try to limit what’s displayed to a brand-model.  Once you are on the product page for any given item, you’ll be presented with all the options. Further, we only show items that are currently available (in stock).  In the case of dealers/sellers other than Amazon, you will make the option choice once you check-out.
  4.  Some items won’t show a better price … it can happen that of 5 dealers, all 5 show the same price. In this case, it’s just a matter of picking who you’d like to buy from.
  5. Dynamic pricing and availability: When you click on a particular item, the system checks the database to display the most recent price and availability information.  The database imports feeds from each of the dealers, that includes all of the product information as well as pricing and stock levels. These dealer feeds are updated each time the dealer updates their information. This is typically any time something changes (a price changes, something goes out of stock).  We are at the mercy of how well the dealers stay on top of their info.  So, it can happen that the price we display may not match the price you see when you get to the dealer site. You ALWAYS have the option to back-out, you’ll NEVER find out an item cost more AFTER a purchase.
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